About us

Our managing staff has more than 15 years of experience with Airsoft and Military products.

Tolmar d.o.o. holds several licenses from various real arms producers. For production of 6mm Airsoft and 4,5mm Airgun.

Tolmar d.o.o. is an exclusive dealer of :

  • ICS TAIWAN, products for Slovenia ,Italy with San Marino, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania ,Bolgaria, Croatia.

  • CLASSIC ARMY Hong Kong, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Czech Republic
  • G&G TAIWAN ,products for Slovenia.

We are based in Slovenia.

We also carry high quality parts and accessories from various producers and also we have our own complete line of tactical gear and accessories under the brand name HAWK ARMS.

With hundreds of support parts you can customize any of our Airsoft guns to your needs!

Our main focus is delivering best Airsoft products to our partners Worldwide.

Tolmar d.o.o. is dedicated to providing quality products and services. We offer highly competitive pricing and highly skilled technical support. Our network of dealers is committed to providing you with quality products, service, and support.

We are actively seeking businesses that wish to increase their revenues and expand their product lines. Tolmar offers excellent customer support, a wide selection of products, product warranties, technical and marketing support.

We always support our clients with full service and repairs. Fast deliveries are of high importance these days so we use fast options for our clients like GLS, UPS, Fedex.

If you are currently an Airsoft retailer or wish to become one, please send us your inquiry with details. Our sales staff will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding our products and ordering system.

We are a production and distributing company and supply only shops and resellers.