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Tolmar d.o.o. holds several licenses from various real arms producers. For production of 6mm Airsoft and 4,5mm Airgun.

Exclusive worldvide licenses for 6mm airsoft and 4,5mm airgun!


GRANDPOWER S.r.o., from Slovakia is rather young firm in real arms but their inovative designs and functionality makes them stronger and bigger each year.
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ISSC AUSTRIA gmbh, specializing in small caliber rifles and handguns. Their quality and ingeniring is superb and their designs are fresh in the global market with big sales all around the world they are becaming leader in small caliber arms.
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PROARMS ARMORY S.r.o., was established as a company specializing in the production of PAR Mk3 rifles, special accessories and accessories for weapons and marksmanship.
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SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems

SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd Israel., established, led and managed by a former senior officer of the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police, who holds a remarkable operational track record, is dedicated to the provision of specialized defense and security services, technologies, systems and products. 
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Italian custom gunmaker BCM Europe Arms produces hunting and sniper rifles with the best components on the market and a proprietary bolt action

M.A.A.R. (Modular Advanced Aluminum Rifle) by BCM Europe Arms is based on the proven proprietary bolt with two locking lugs with the addition of a modular stock made up of three main sections: the buttstock (also available in folding or take down version), the chassis supporting the action and the forend.

These components are fully interchangeable, in order to  to set up the same action for different needs.

The stock is then completed by a T.D.I. Arms AR15 style handgrip and by an Accuracy International buttplate. It is prearranged for swivel attachment and bipod.

BCM Europe Arms rifles feature Jewell BR trigger groups.

The barrels used by BCM are all best choice quality and the customer can choose between Border, Pac Nor or Broughton. According to the caliber needed by customers, BCM can give right advise for the best supplier in that particular chambering. M.A.A.R. Is available as single shot in .223 Remington, 6 BR Norma, 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5/284 Norma, .308 Winchester, .300 WSM.

Also available with magazine feed in the same caliber plus 7 Remington  Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Remington  Ultra Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum.





Czech Small Arms (C.S.A.) is the only manufacturer of the Sa vz.58 rifles and Sa vz.61 Pistols. The factory located in Jablunka, Czech Republic, continues to produce these legendary firearms for distributors in North America and in Europe.  Originally manufactured by CZ Uhersky Brod, Sa vz. 58 rifles and Sa vz. 61 Pistols are currently produced only by Czech Small Arms.

Czech Small Arms is currently manufacturing the vz.58 and vz.61 in calibres that have never been produced by any other small arms manufacturer. The growing popularity of the vz.58 and vz.61 has led to this expansion of new calibres.  The vz.58 is now offered in 5.56 NATO and .222 Remington, while the Sa vz.61 is available in 9 mm P.A. Blank, 9 mm P.A. Rubber, 9 mm Browning and 9 mm Makarov. The .22 LR version of Sa vz.58 is in the final stages of testing.

A high degree of quality assurance is found throughout each level of the vz.58 and vz.61 production. From testing of raw materials to CNC machining and firearm assembly, every step of production exhibits extreme attention to detail.  The objective of C.S.A. is to produce high quality firearms with a continued emphasis on innovation.

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