PROARMS ARMORY S.r.o., was established as a company specializing in the production of PAR Mk3 rifles, special accessories and accessories for weapons and marksmanship.

The company utilizes high quality and modern technological equipment, a test shooting tunnel, design workshop and other high quality equipment necessary to ensure the highest quality of our products.

PROARMS ARMORY employs experts with extensive experience in the development and production of weapons, sales and shooting sports and in the activities of special operations units deployed by the armed forces.

In 2013 Tolmar will launch first guns in 6mm airsoft and 4,5mm Airgun, that will be approved by Proarms Armory. We will initially produce 6mm airsoft PAR MK3 model in 3 length variation: The CQB version in 10,5 inch barrel , 12,5inch medium semi and full auto model and sniper model in 16,75 inch long barrel with semi automatic function with 500fps standard issue. The model in 4,5mm Airgun will be produced as gas blow back with semi automatic only.