SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems

SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd Israel., established, led and managed by a former senior officer of the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police, who holds a remarkable operational track record, is dedicated to the provision of specialized defense and security services, technologies, systems and products. 

SILVER SHADOW® is an authorized exporter of the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD). an authorized Israeli weapon manufacturer and a long-standing member of the Israel Export Institute (IEI), The Federation of israel chambers of commerce as well as of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce. All of our services and products fully comply with IMOD regulations and standards, as they do with the OECD Anti Bribery-and-Corruption Convention.

Since its establishment in 1995, SILVER SHADOW® has successfully executed numerous defense and security-related projects around the world. Our unique vision and unusual approach, the professionalism and dedication of our personnel, the scope of our activities, the uncompromising quality of our services and products, our strict attention to detail and total commitment to client satisfaction, have established us as an undisputed leader in this highly competitive field.

SILVER SHADOW® Advanced Security Systems Ltd., is producing small arms under the brand of The Gilboa™, a new series of military-grade firearms made in Israel, is produced using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with the purpose of improving the well-known and proven system platform. The Gilboa™ series is manufactured by Silver Shadow®, an authorized Israeli weapon manufacturer. Our R&D laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and its personnel consists of leading Israeli firearms designers. With a combined experience spanning many decades, our R&D team specializes in military firearms design and customized solutions for special operations units. This technological experience is further enhanced by the operational backgrounds of our senior executives and employees, who served in the IDF, Israel Police and various government agencies.

TIMNA™ Sniper Weapon System by SILVER SHADOW®

The TIMNA™ is a ruggedized SWS designed for the modern battle field and optimized for urban warfare. designed with the sniper in mind, the system utilizes an advance stabilized barrel for accuracy. the semi auto design with a 20 round magazine allows fast follow up shots, quick transition between multiple targets/snap targets and enables close combat for personal protection.

The system is equipped with 8 QD Picatinny mounting rails for optics, electro optics and ancillaries.

The TIMNA™ comes with a superior muzzle brake and an optional QD suppressor.

In 2013 Tolmar will launch first guns in 6mm airsoft and 4,5mm Airgun, that will be approved by SILVER SHADOW® . We will produce several Gilboa models and our main focus will be development of GILBOA SNAKE double barrel rifle that impresed leadership in Tolmar.